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Papertole also known as Shadow Box, originated in the 18th century Europe. It is the art of creating a 3-dimensional picture from a 2 dimensional picture.

In short, Papertole is a craft using minimum 5 or more pieces of the same print, cutting out specific parts, shaping and sizing these parts, then layering them on the “base” print with silicone to give the finished piece a 3-D effect. When completed and framed, it can be transformed into an heirloom piece of craft.
To get started, this is all you need:
A set of starter tool kit
A set of identical prints with sufficient weight and texture (we have high-quality imported prints from the USA specially ordered for this craft)

We offer the following courses for both beginner and advanced levels:
Papertole Starter Course:
Includes starter tool kit
1 picture with 5 prints (picture will change periodically subject to stock availability)
2 lessons

Elementary and Intermediate Papertole Course
For the avid Papertole lover
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